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USAGE SUMMARY Create a new MetaStockData object and load data from the server initMetaLib(String pathToMetastockDatas), where pathToMetastockDatas is the file path to the MetaStock data. Use the DownloadQuotes function to download intraday/end of day quotes The metaLib::DownloadQuotes() function can be used to download the quotes that you want. There is a two-way communication between the server and metaLib. Take in your mind that metaLib uses an asynchronous method and does not wait for a result from server, just like a web crawler does. That means, if the quote requested is not available from the server, metaLib will try to request another one, until it gets a result. When a quote is available from the server, metaLib will pause the main loop, as if it received the answer, and then is ready to parse the downloaded data. "Data parsing" means to parse downloaded intraday data into MetaStock data objects. Each of them can be read using the GetQuote() function (the list of the available data classes is at the end of this document). Note that the server can provide historical data as well (data from 2003/2004). The DownloadQuotes function is able to request intraday/end of day historical data as well. You should always try to request a historical quote before a fresh one. If you try to request a fresh quote, it will be stored in the metaLib object, and will be available to you using GetQuote() (where MetaStockData or MetaQuote is your class), but the intraday/end of day historical quote will be not be available. The metaLib::DownloadQuotes(String* quote) function can be used to download intraday/end of day quotes. It takes a string pointer to a string, where the server will write the downloaded quote. If you do not want to have the quote in a string, you can delete it before the metaLib object (where the quotation will be stored as MetaStockData or MetaQuote) and it will not be available any more. You should always try to request a historical quote before a fresh one. If you try to request a fresh quote, it will be stored in the metaLib object a5204a7ec7

Get MetaStock price data from YAHOO for Java, PHP,.NET, Delphi or MySQL and sort it by candle, time, price or rank. Edit price or duration data in MetaStock and save it back to MetaStock in the order you want. Sync with file system: download, read/write your data to a user-defined file. Update data from the Yahoo Finance server. MetaLib SDK is easy to use and it comes with a well organized documentation. You only need few lines of code for any kind of operation. It's the easiest and the fastest way to sync price data from MetaStock into your application! Licensing: The MetaLib SDK is FREE. Commercial licenses are available. Call us for details. How to use: Download the MetaLib SDK. To compile in Java, download the Java runtime environment. Open a command window Run the following command:javac -d..\MetaLib_a64\ Run the following command:java -classpath..\MetaLib_a64\MetaLib MetaLib Zoom-out: Click on a price, or a time window. Use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or out. Click on a price, time or rank. A zoom button will appear on the left side of the screen. That's it. Note: Haptic feedback is on, not all virtual keyboard inputs generate an audible indication of the pressed key.Nitric oxide (NO) is a highly reactive free radical gas that is formed endogenously by endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) and constitutively by neuronal NOS (nNOS). It is a potent vasodilator and may also serve as a neurotransmitter. We have shown that genetic deficiency of nNOS in mice leads to circadian disruption, suggesting a possible role for NO in entrainment of circadian clock. We and others also showed that endothelial NOS (eNOS) is expressed in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) and retina, a circadian pacemaker of photoentrainment. We found that NO levels are elevated in the SCN of mice exposed to light during early subjective night (zeitgeber time, ZT20) and that NO levels in the retina of mice are elevated in early morning or late subjective night (ZT4) when the circadian system is active. NO also plays a

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