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Link Slider

This module allows your users to create a swipe-able slider. You can link slide images with app inner pages using in-app links. It means on click of a slide image respective app inner page will be opened.



  • Multiple sliders
  • Add, Edit, Delete Sliders & Slides
  • Slides per view (Auto/1/2/3/4/5/6)
  • Space between slides (5px/10px/15px/20px/25px/30px)
  • Hide slider title
  • Hide slider pagination
  • Enable free swipe mode
  • Enable autoplay
  • Enable more link
  • Customizable more link text and In-app-link data
  • Slide image URL.
  • Slide title
  • Slide in-app-link data
  • Slide title text-align
  • Slide text color
  • Active & inactive pagination bullet color
  • Slider bottom margin


Notes: You have to use an image URL, there are no any image upload functionalities in this module.

Link Slider

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